What are Independent Living Communities?

An independent living community is a great option for those looking for a comfortable, secure, and stimulating living environment. These communities provide various services and amenities designed to help seniors maintain their independence and enjoy an active lifestyle. They offer the perfect balance between living an independent life and having the support of a caring and supportive community. 

Residents of these communities benefit from a wide range of activities, social events, and opportunities to stay connected with their peers, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. With a variety of floor plans, services, and amenities, independent living communities offer something for everyone, making them a great choice for seniors looking to age in place in a secure and supportive living environment.

What is Independent Living Like?

Independent living is a great option for seniors who are still able to take care of themselves but need some assistance with the activities of daily living. Independent living facilities and communities provide seniors with an apartment in which to live and access to senior living amenities such as social activities, fitness centers, and transportation services.

As opposed to assisted living communities, independent living communities offer more freedom and autonomy to each resident while providing them with the necessary resources they need. Senior living communities often have a variety of amenities that make life easier for their residents, such as on-site dining options, health and wellness programs, and recreational activities. By choosing independent living as a senior, you can gain access to all the services that a senior living community provides while maintaining your independence.

When compared to assisted living in Colorado, there are fewer independent living communities to choose from. With such high demand, it is possible for seniors to have to act quickly to secure their spot in their favorite communities.

Benefits of Independent Living

Benefits of independent living include access to amenities such as transportation services, social activities, and living communities with other seniors. Residents can participate in many outings and social events at independent living facilities, which provide a safe and supportive environment for their residents. Living communities also offer security and assistance for those who need it. Independent living facilities may also provide recreational activities, educational opportunities, and even health care services. With all these benefits, independent living is a great way for seniors to enjoy their retirement years while still having the independence they desire.

Who is Right For Independent Living?

Independent living is a great option for seniors who are able to live independently and take care of their own home maintenance needs. Independent living residents typically have few health issues and can handle daily activities such as shopping, cooking, and cleaning without assistance.

They can also use the services available in an independent living community, such as transportation, laundry, housekeeping, and recreational activities. Independent living is ideal for seniors who want to remain independent while having access to additional support services that make life easier. It also provides them with a sense of community and safety, knowing that they are surrounded by people of similar ages with similar experiences.

The Cost of Independent Living in Colorado

The average cost of independent living in Colorado is slightly higher than the national average but still quite affordable. For those looking to live independently in Colorado, the average cost of independent living is $2,286 a month. This cost may vary depending on where you live, with cities such as Denver and Colorado Springs having a slightly higher average due to a higher demand for housing there.

The cost of independent living in Colorado is lower than the cost of nursing home care or home care services, making it an attractive option for many seniors who want to remain independent while enjoying all that Colorado has to offer. However, seniors must still find a way to pay for it and make the move into independent living. This can take time.

Learn More About Gardens Care Independent Living

The advantages of independent living make it a great choice for retirees who want to maintain their independence while still enjoying the services and amenities that senior living facilities provide. It provides seniors with the freedom they need while they continue to live independently. 

Independent living is also a great choice for individuals who do not require the services of an assisted living home but would benefit from the support services offered in an independent living environment. To learn more about Gardens Care, contact us at 303-566-1085 to schedule a tour.