A healthcare worker or caregiver visiting senior woman indoors at home, helping her to walk.


Our Free Level of Care Assessment

Making the decision to find appropriate senior care is a big first step in making life easier for a loved one. Start by figuring out what type and level of care they need to have an easier life. Use our free level of care assessment to see which care options should be included in a senior’s care plan.


Assisted Living and Memory Care

Memorial Park provides assisted living services to up to 32 seniors at a time in two side-by-side homes. Our caregivers support their independence but provide help when it is needed. 

Memory care services are provided to 16 residents next door thanks to the addition of memory care-trained staff members. We provide daily engagement to promote memory retention and make it easier for seniors to stay engaged in daily activities.  

On Call Nurse


Our Amenities

Memorial Park’s amenities make seniors’ stay more enjoyable, safe, and engaging. We have a secure backyard and walking paths that seniors can enjoy, even if they have memory care needs. There are 11 rooms per home with bathrooms. Communal areas inside and out give seniors a place to get to know each other, and the staff sets up activity stations so that seniors can enjoy the things that they like to do. We will also take care of all the cooking, cleaning and laundry service.


Resident Rooms

There are eleven rooms available per home for seniors, each with its own bathroom. Everyone gets a choice from a private room to a semi-private room to best suit their preferences and needs. Seniors can enjoy private time away from the group, letting them control their level of engagement.


Home-Like Atmosphere

At Memorial Park, we strive to make everyone feel at home. From decor to room structure, we go the extra mile to create a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere.


Daily Activities

The staff at Memorial Park organizes daily activities for seniors. That way, they stay engaged and take the time to get to know everyone in the community. Everyday we provide at least 4 activities a day. Additionally, our residents get to enjoy live entertainment, therapy dog visits, flower arranging club and much more.

Staff-to-Resident Ratio

Memorial Park has a great staff-to-resident ratio. Every resident gets exceptional individualized care from the caretakers to make sure that they have what they need.

What choice is right for you?

Cost of Living Calculator

Every year, the cost of living changes for seniors. As care needs change, so do the costs of getting the care that you need. Use our cost of living calculator to help predict what your care costs may be.


What Our Residents Say About Memorial Park

There comes a time in every person’s life when they need help with daily living assistance. The residents at Memorial Park are glad that they found this place when they did. The staff make it much easier to get through the day, and having a close community gives residents a reason to get up and enjoy the day.


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Grace Live Church
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