pay rate:  starting at $17/Hour

As a QMAP you’re responsible for administering medication to residents correctly and on time. However, you also get the joy that comes with assisting and engaging with residents on a daily basis.

  • Administer medications correctly and on time
  • Audit MAR before leaving your shift and audit MAR for QMAP leaving. This includes documentation for scheduled meds, documentation for PRN meds and follow-up documentation for PRN meds. If there is any missing documentation discovered from a QMAP who has left, notify them immediately to return and correct. Notify the manager on call. 
  • Audit individual narcotic count sheets. 
  • Use correct procedure for narcotic count. Both QMAPs witness the entire process and packaging checked for tampering. Both QMAPs document that they verified. ALL narcotics are to be counted until destroyed by assigned managers.
  • Follow 7 rights and remember that none are more important than the other. Right time, resident, reason, medication, dose, route, documentation. Note: medications that are scheduled with an exact time must be administered within the 1 hour window (half hour before or after). AM, PM, etc. must be within the exact times indicated on time keys.
  • Notify the manager on call immediately if a resident refuses any medication. If a resident has refused that medication(s) more than twice within a 3 day period, fill out a medication incident report. Notify physician of all medication refusals and document notification in 24 hour log.
  • If a resident refuses any medication, the medication(s) must be offered a total of 3 times with at least 10 minutes between each offer.
  • Fill out a “medication error” form for all errors you discover or make yourself. Make all notifications listed at bottom. If a resident is injured or sent out to ER due to the error, a regular incident report must also be filled out.
  • Keep all medications, treatments, etc. in cart and not in resident’s rooms unless the physician order specifically states they can self-administer.
  • Put any medication that has been discontinued or needs to be destroyed in a designated area. They can not be in any other area of the cart.
  • Keep all medication separated according to route. This includes the PRN area.
  • Ensure all medications are locked at all times and that narcotics are double locked at all times. Ensure that no one but you has the medication keys at all times. 
  • Check in medications correctly. Check medications and treatments to the shipping manifest (sheet that comes with medication) to see if they match. Initial shipping manifest and put it in the pharmacy binder behind the received tab. Check off medications delivered on the ordered form behind the ordered tab. Put medication or treatment in the correct spot in the cart. If there is already that medication in the scheduled spot for that resident, put with their overflow meds. If it is a PRN or narcotic, put it with PRNs or narcotics. Fill out the narc count sheet for narcotics.
  • Put all physician communication and new physician orders faxed to us in designated areas. Notify the manager on call of any new orders immediately.
  • If a scheduled medication, PRN medication or treatment is running low, check overflow to see if we have more. If we do not have more, order more from pharmacy STAT. Notify the manager on call immediately.
  • Replace empty bubble packs, bottles, etc. from overflow as needed.
  • Clean pill splitters, pill crushers, syringes, measuring cups, etc. between each use. This includes if they are only used for a single resident.
  • Wipe clean all med dispensing cups with the resident’s name on them at the end of your shift.
  • Ensure HIPAA regulations are not being violated.