How Do Senior Services Compare Between Colorado and the Rest of the States?

Across the United States, there are seniors looking for the best care possible. The level of care that you receive depends largely on where you get that care from. Colorado is a nice place to retire to for the scenery and quality of life. However, you need to have the quality and type of care that you need to be able to enjoy Colorado to its fullest. Here is a look at how senior services compare between Colorado and the rest of the states. 

Overall Quality

According to MedicareGuide, Colorado is ranked #8 in the United States for its senior healthcare resources. That places Colorado among the best states when it comes to caring for seniors. 

A closer look at the scoring process shows that Colorado actually outscored some of the states ranked above it in specific categories. For example, Colorado is ranked #6 in terms of care quality, showing that the care resources available to seniors provide better care than most other states. 

State-Managed Resources

Colorado has state-managed resources that offer protection for seniors and help finding the care that they need. The Colorado Department of Health and Human Services brings together the State Unit on Aging, which oversees research and management of Colorado’s senior resources, and Adult Protective Services to ensure that seniors are safe in Colorado’s senior care facilities. With these resources in place, seniors can rest assured that they are under the watchful eye of the CDHS and will be safe no matter which senior facility they choose. 

Cost of Care

One area where Colorado did not stand out in its senior care ratings is in terms of costs. According to MedicareGuide, it scored 12th in terms of care costs. Furthermore, there are 12 states that scored within one point above or below Colorado. That means that a significant portion of the states have very similar costs when it comes to senior care.

According to Paying for Senior Care, care costs for seniors in Colorado averaged $4,095 in 2019. Like any other state, those costs can vary based on where you are. Across Colorado, the costs ranged from $3,800 up to $4,750 on average. 

Special Programs for Seniors

To help seniors in Colorado pay for their care, there are programs that offer financing assistance. One of these programs is the Elderly, Blind and Disabled (EBD) Waiver, which helps seniors with disabilities. It’s a program that is open to seniors over the age of 65 and that meets the other requirements. While everyone doesn’t get in, those that do get assistance paying for treatment and care costs. 

There is also the Colorado Home Care Allowance Program, which is a program that can help seniors stay at home. The program is designed to help low-income seniors avoid going to a nursing home by supporting at-home care services. This can be a much better option for seniors with specific disabilities that would receive better care at home than in a facility.

Private-Owned Care

Colorado has a lot of privately-owned senior care options to choose from. For seniors, this means that there are a lot of options that can provide a variety of service benefits to fit each senior’s needs. While Colorado’s senior services could rank higher in availability, the number of facilities and the quality of care that they offer means that seniors don’t have to struggle to find the right type or level of care. 

The Right Senior Services Are Waiting For You

Colorado’s senior services can provide the support that you or a loved one needs to live comfortably in your later years. The key is finding the right options to provide those services. At Gardens Care, we provide a range of services across Colorado, including memory care, senior living, and nursing services. Call us at 303-566-1085 to discuss your senior care needs.

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