Why Gardens Care Senior Living

What makes Gardens Care Senior Living different from other communities?

Gardens Care Senior Living was started to provide the best level of care for our owner’s father after he had a stroke and required more assistance than his wife and children could provide. Our owner’s searched for the best place for him and couldn’t find a place to meet their expectations so they decided to create their own assisted living home. Gardens Care prides itself in being an innovator and disruptor in the assisted living community. We are constantly looking for better ways to provide fully comprehensive care and use technology to create more accountability for our carestaff.

What is the difference between independent living, assisted living, memory care,
and skilled nursing?

At Gardens Care Independent Living may look different than other locations. Our independent living is an all inclusive pricing. Our Independent Living residents can take advantage of all the meals and activities of our Assisted Living residents, all utilities are covered and the internet is provided. Housekeeping is provided every two weeks. We partner with Rocky Mountain Senior Care and they can provide rounding services as needed. 

Assisted living offers a higher level of care than independent living. Within assisted living we promote as much independence as possible and provide assistance where needed. We manage all medications and can assist with any and all activities of daily living (ADL’s), this includes; toiletry, bathing, and reminders to eat, just to name a few. We also provide a weekly laundry service, unless we need it more frequently. Our inhouse nurse will do an assessment before admission and we will work with the family to create a care plan for you or your loved one. This care plan will let our staff know exactly what you or your loved one needs and we will create daily reminders in our electronic system to ensure they are properly cared for. 

Memory Care offers everything Assisted Living offers and more. Memory Care is a secured location, there is an outdoor area for our residents to enjoy, but it’s also secured. Memory Care is usually for residents who have wandering tendencies and/or forget where they are. Memory Care is also for individuals who require a higher level of care than Assisted Living. 

Skilled nursing typically houses individuals who require the highest level of care. Residents in skilled nursing usually require 2+ person transfer assists, have level 3+ wound care, and/or require 24/7 medical oversight from a nurse or doctor, just to name a few. Individuals can also go to skilled nursing if they are recovering from strokes, surgery, or other intensive care conditions.

Can I or my loved one transition from one level of care to the next? If so, what’s the cost?

An advantage of Gardens Care is our flexibility. We only charge one admission fee to get into our Gardens Care ecosystem. Once in our system, we work with each family individually to help with transitions as needed. The only cost associated with transitions is the difference in level of care. (ie: Independent Living vs Assisted Living vs Memory Care)

Can I come visit my loved one?

Yes, please come visit! We encourage families and loved ones to visit as much as possible. We love seeing family and friends visiting our residents. Our visiting hours are 8AM – 7PM and you are welcomed anytime. We simply ask for a 24 hour notice if you are planning on enjoying a meal with them so we can prep extra. If you need to visit outside of our regular visitation hours we can also be flexible, but please get in contact with the Administrator Designee.  

Can I take my loved one out for an outing? If so, what about medications?

We encourage family and friends to go on outings with their loved ones. If the outing interferes with medication administration we will give the family medication pouches with all the medication needed. 

Respite and Pricing

How does your pricing work?

Our pricing is all-inclusive pricing. We provide a baseline of 3 meals a day, at least 4 activities per day, many sponsored activities, as well as hygiene specialists all for one price. We are always looking for new partnerships to come in and support our seniors. We have a hairstylist and podiatrist that go to each of our locations and tend to all of our residents at no additional cost. Some examples of our sponsored activities include a florist, arts and crafts, music, food art, and jewelry club, just to name a few.

Is there an Admission fee?

Our admission fee varies on which setting is needed. For Independent Living the community fee is $3,000, while Assisted Living has an admission fee of $2,000, and Memory Care is $3,000. Another advantage of Gardens Care Senior Living is that once you pay the initial admission fee you won’t have to pay a transfer fee if the needs progress and require a higher level of care.

What do the meals look like?

Gardens Care Senior Living takes pride in having the snacks available 24/7. We provide 3 meals a day, each meal is designed by a dietitian to ensure each resident gets all the nutrients. However, if a resident misses a meal or chooses not to eat what is prepared, we provide alternatives and we can prepare meals outside our daily meals as needed. We order all of our food on a weekly basis and prepare the meals daily, all of this gives us the flexibility to accommodate any special requests or desires.

How long are your leases?

Gardens Care Senior Living does 30-day leases for both Assisted Living and Memory Care. Independent Living is a 1-year lease followed by month to month.  

What is a Respite Stay?

A Respite Stay is referred to as a break for the caregiver. Being a caregiver to someone who is ill or disabled is a 24/7 job. Sometimes you need a break due to illness, travel, or simply personal time.

Will you accept Respite Stays?

We do accept Respite Stays! We are very flexible with each stay as we understand how difficult it is to be a caregiver 24/7. Please contact one of our admission specialists for more details

Gardens Care X Partners

Do you have a shuttle?

We have a van to take our seniors on special outings. Our life enrichment director will take our residents out to Dairy Queen, Shopping, Dinosaur Ridge, and to local parks, just to name a few places. We also have a partner who will come pick up you or your loved one and take them on special errands, they will wait for them to be done, and bring them back home.

Can I use my own Primary Care Physician (PCP)?

Absolutely, our focus is to make it as easy of a transition as possible. We know that moves can be hard for everyone and we love adapting to everyone’s special needs or requests to simplify the process for you or your loved one.

Do you work with Hospice?

Yes, we have hospice come in on a need basis. We partner with various organizations to provide the best care possible.

Gardens Care X Limited Resources

Do you accept Medicaid?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, we accept Medicaid through two main programs, InnovAge and TruPace. These programs work two different various zip codes throughout Colorado, therefore, depending on your preferred location your options may be limited.

What is Innovage and TruPace?

Innovage and TruPace are a carrier of Medicaid. Once on Medicaid, one can apply for either program based on which zip codeone resides in.

What is a spend-down?

A spend-down is the common terminology used for an individual who has too many assets and does not qualify for Medicaid. Therefore, they are spending down until they can qualify for Medicaid

Do you accept spend-downs?

We do accept spend-downs and we will work with different timeframes. Please contact one of our admission specialists for further information.