Why Senior Housing in Aurora, Colorado?

Aurora is a city in Colorado with a population of over 300,000 people. The city is home to many assisted living communities, which provide care and assistance to seniors and other adults who need help with activities of daily living. Gardens Care assisted living communities offer various services, including meals, social activities, and personal care. Many of our assisted living communities in Aurora are located near hospitals and other medical facilities, which makes it easy for residents to get their medical care if needed.

Things for Seniors to do in Aurora, CO

Aurora, Colorado, is a great place to live. There are plenty of things to do in the area. The city is also home to several museums and art galleries. If you’re looking for something to do in Aurora, you will find it.

Shop and Relax

Aurora has the latest and greatest shopping options. Take some time to relax and shop for the things that make you happy at the Southlands Lifestyle Center. It is a great place to shop for clothing, accessories, and gifts. The Southlands Lifestyle Center also has a food court with various eateries to choose from where you can spend your days taking it easy.

Enjoy the Rich History

Colorado has a rich history that you can be a part of. Start with the Colorado Freedom Memorial. It is a moving tribute to the veterans of Colorado. Located in Aurora, the memorial features stone walls inscribed with the names of Colorado veterans. The Memorial is a place of peace and reflection, a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform.

Out on the plains, many people have made the trip out west. Now, you can be a part of the effort to preserve life on the plains. The Plains Conservation Center is home to various wildlife, including pronghorns. These animals are often seen on the prairie, grazing and running around. Visitors to the center can learn about the ecology of the plains and see these animals up close. 

Take some time to explore the history of not just the plains but all of Aurora and Colorado. The Aurora History Museum features exhibits on the history of the city. The museum is in the former Colfax Avenue School, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The museum is a popular attraction for both locals and tourists.

Aurora Offers a Variety of Entertainment Options

You will never be bored in Aurora if you take advantage of all of the different types of entertainment. The Aurora Symphony Orchestra is one of the most popular cultural institutions in the city of Aurora. It is well known for its culturally diverse programming and commitment to promoting the arts in the community. 

Get into sports at Bally’s Arapahoe Park. The track features third and fourth-generation horses, making it one of the most popular destinations for horse racing fans. The races are held throughout the year, so there is always something to see. Whether you are a horse racing fan or just looking for something exciting to do, Bally’s Arapahoe Park is the perfect place to visit.


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